Head Coach: Mike Moore

Main Sport: XC Mountain Bike, Cyclocross

Started Coaching: 2015

Qualifications: British Cycling Level 2 General, BC Level 2 MTB, BC Level 2 Road and TT.

Racing History: Mike predominantly races XCO in the Expert category and dabbles in most other disciplines including (but not limited to!) road racing, criterium racing, time trial, cyclocross, BMX, downhill and 4X. If it involves two wheels, Mike’s probably done it. Mike also spent a year as a professional adventure racer and will have a go at anything if it will help him become a better coach.

About: Mike is a really keen coach who’s base philosophy is about doing the bare minimum of fitness training to extract the most amount of fun out of your riding time! Mike is really driven to ensure his athletes enjoy their coaching and get fast not only through their fitness but their technique too – a skilful rider is a fast rider!
Mike has a fascination with just about every aspect of bike racing, from nutrition to sports psychology. If you have a question about anything, do ask and he’ll try to help!