We offer four OWN Coaching is designed from the ground up to help you become a faster cyclist. We started in 2017 with the philosophy that less is better when it comes to training – we know that not everyone is a professional or has 20 hours to train a week. Mike (our Head Coach) knows the issues of trying to balance a full time job, a young family, racing and training.

 As such, we only want our athletes to hit the minimum required dose of training they need to get the required fitness they want. We want to make sure that every minute you spend on the bike helps you go faster, further and it’s more fun too!

 We really believe in the mantra Only What’s Necessary and Only When Necessary. You won’t find our training plans full of filler to get you to 12 hours a week, we design your training based on what will give the best results. We don’t sell off the shelf training plans; everything we design for you is bespoke.

 Have a look at our Coaches to get an idea of who will be designing your training, then if you like the sound of us, have a look at our Packages and then get in contact!